July 05, 2007

Seven Days Without iPhone, and Still Breathing

Counting Friday of last week, when the iPhone first went on sale, today marks the seventh day that Apple's hybrid phone/Web browser/iPod has been available to the masses, stock depending of course. And despite my being a well-known Apple fan, and having a tendency to acquire Cupertino kit on the first day of release, I still haven't ordered one, haven't set foot in an Apple store, and haven't seen one in person. Yet life continues.

As I noted before, I'm holding out for version 2.0, at the very least. I am not a huge fan of switching to AT&T as my cell phone provider, and don't expect I can just pick one up and ask the office to approve its purchase if I were to submit an expense report.

Meanwhile, as I received jubilant calls from my younger sister, a proud recipient of a free 8-gigabyte iPhone, courtesy of Steve Jobs, as a 20-month Apple Store retail employee, as I read the many gushing reviews by early adopters, and read media reports that Apple may have sold upwards of 1 million devices since launch, and that the iPhone is practically sold out everywhere, I watched, amused, but not with a longing that truly felt as if I were left out.

I am happy for Apple that the company has another hit on its hands. I am glad that for those early adopters, that the iPhone is doing what was expected. I expect that in the next few years, should Apple continue innovating, that one will find its way into our home, but not yet. I also expect I just might make a trip down to the Apple store soon to hold one, see the interface and give it a try, but for that trip, I will leave my credit card in the car, to avoid any mistakes.

Besides, if Engadget's review is any indication, the iPhone isn't yet a Blackberry killer when it comes to e-mail, and for me, that's a critical must-fix before I pick one up. Apple, we'll be watching to see your continued efforts and enhancements. Get the e-mail right, and we'll start to see our resistance shed.


  1. hold out for 2nd gen Louis!

    i played with one at the valley fair apple store this past weekend.

    it was pretty sweet, i must admit. i'm very skeptical about battery life though. i went through about 4 iphones because they kept running out of batteries and i had to plug them back in the docks.

    sweet part is they are all activated with phone numbers, so my girlfriend and i called each other, it was fun =)

  2. Bah! Corporate employees don't get their free iPhone until the end of July, so I have to wait a few more weeks before my fiance brings hers home and I can drool over it. In the meantime, several people in my office have one and they are incredibly cool.

    I'm resisting their jedi mind tricks for now, but I'm not sure how long I can hold on. Perhaps we can form a support group "Silicon Valley iPhoneless"...


  3. Yeah, I know the feeling...

    I was ready to wait. I'm one of the few people left in the world who doesn't have a cellphone (I had one once, but...)

    It doesn't have 3G and EDGE sucks. It looks pretty fragile and I tend to be rough with cellphones. I don't need a cellphone. No GPS. I can't develop apps for it (and I have a great idea for an app, but I need GPS). My parents live in Vermont, where AT&T reception is spotty, so forget using it on visits to my folks.

    It would be stupid for me to buy one. The next generation will have 3G. It will hopefully have GPS--or at least be able to talk to Bluetooth GPS devices. It's stupid to buy a phone just to want to replace it in 6 months.

    Nope. No iPhone for me. I'll wait until Apple gets it right.

    Then someone in the office bought one and said, "Oh, you want to play with my iPhone?"

    BINGO! HOOKED! Now I WANT one.

    Yes, it would be stupid for me to buy one. But I want one. They're soooo cooool to play with...