May 05, 2007

Spiderman 3: A Tangled Web of Stories

So, we eventually made it to Denver. We landed about 2 hours beyond schedule, but in one piece. The hotel is nice (it has free Internet, so what else do I care?) and we got a sweet Audi convertible from Hertz. Figured we might as well splurge and get the fun car, complete with Sirius Radio and GPS navigation. So now we just have to hope the weather gets good enough at some point to take the top down, and that we can drive it around a bit before going home Monday night. But on our first night here, we've already had fun - with dinner and a movie, joining the millions of others who saw Spiderman 3 in its opening weekend.

The Spiderman franchise, like Batman and Superman before it, is a must-see in the theater. We've now seen all three. And while I could easily poke holes in the individual actors' roles and speaking lines, or the intermixing of shallow plot twists, it was still fun to see. I still think MJ (Spidey's love interest) serves no purpose but to scream and be a damsel in distress, while the two (two!) villains didn't get developed to the level that I either felt for them or feared them.

The film was full of action, almost blurry at times, to the point you knew there was a good guy and a bad guy somewhere in the middle, but not much else. And when there were victims falling from buildings, they were in the air much too long versus the number of stories they had to cover before hitting the ground. But as we should try and remember, for comic book adaptations, one must suspend belief. The love twists? Sappy, and distracting. But worth seeing.

If you have the patience to wait until it leaves the theater, then give it a shot, but there's something to be said for taking in an action film on the big screen instead of the little one. I'm glad we did.

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  1. It was just too much. I liked the previous two but I felt as though they just tried too hard with this one.

    If you're looking for a fun action movie, go see Hot Fuzz. It's good action AND it will have you laughing the whole way through.