May 05, 2007

Just Plane Delayed...

When it comes to air travel, it seems my wife and I have the worst luck. After ridiculous delays with America West around Christmas and Spring Training, it's now United who has let us down. Two hours into our excursion, we haven't even gotten out of the Bay Area.

We had a simple three day weekend trip to Denver planned, returning to my first and second grade home. Our journey was supposed to start at 10:10 this morning from San Jose, but a missing part, likely useless, has thrown things to disarray.

An indicator light on the blink had to be replaced, leaving two options... Wait to have it delivered from San Francisco, or fly there ourselves. After more delays, the latter was selected. We piled on the flight, waited even longer to defuel, and finally set off to San Francisco, where we are now. After noon, we are back on the tarmac, and they are now replacing the fuel they took out in San Jose.

So we are all trapped and delayed.

The only upside? Figuring out if I can blog, using my BlackBerry, from the plane, while we wait. Sitting in an exit row isn't all bad either. But to be honest, that novelty is going to wear off pretty darn quick if we are delayed any more.

Let's go! United, this is pretty weak, guys.

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