February 16, 2007

Tidbits from the Link Blog: February 16, 2007

Today's theme? Being incredibly busy and trying balance work life with the home life. Jeremy Zadowny touches on a great aspect of that - in a world dominated by instant information and real-time communication, how do you determine what to ignore and not respond to? This is especially the case when one receives hundreds of e-mail items a day (or hundreds of RSS feeds... we're averaging about 500). That leads directly to Ars Technica's note on those who use Blackberrys for remote e-mail seem always attached to the office. I guess that explains why I was watching the blinking green light go red around midnight last night in anticipation...

In other notes, if Apple really does offer a subnotebook, after years of rumors, maybe I really want one. We'll see...

AppleInsider: Apple to Re-Enter the Sub-Notebook Market
Ars Technica: Survey: Blackberry Owners Chained to Work
Engadget: Cisco Delays Apple iPhone Lawsuit, Again
Jeremy Zadowny: The Hardest Thing I Have to Do Every Day
MicroPersuasion: Majority of Americans Feel Bloggers Play a Valuable Role
MSFTextrememakeover: I'll Gladly Pay You Tuesday for A Hamburger Today
TechCrunch: Microsoft Hires Michael Gartenberg as New Evangelist

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