February 09, 2007

First Impression: "Friendly Neighborhood Geek"

The headline looks somewhat foreboding - something you'd hear townspeople say after that quiet guy who never said anything finally snapped. "You know, on first impression, he was a friendly neighborhood geek. We had no idea he was building an atomic destablizer in his basement..."

Yet today I learned that the new "Entrepreneurial City" blog characterized us as just this, potentially a "friendly neighborhood geek" with generous punctuation. In the site's analysis of top Silicon Valley blogs, a cursory glance at the louisgray.com fare called it "a classic blog that’s not trying to be anything else".

Somehow, I think that's a compliment. Rather than pretending I'm breaking news on the blog or releasing new software code every few minutes, our blog aims to bring to light those things I find interesting, with the occasional mix of satire, sarcasm and off-beat observations. If I can keep myself entertained in the process, that's a bonus.

So, Enterpreneurial City, thanks for the note. We hope not to let you down.

1 comment:

  1. Hehe, "atomic destabilizer." Wait, is that a real thing? Thanks for the comment on EC! :)