November 09, 2006

100 iTunes Trance Songs for Less than $20

Last night, I made a comment on GigaOM's report covering Microsoft Zune, where I said my experience that contrary to some media's findings, my iPod was filled with legally purchased songs, not instead from illegal peer to peer downloads. This led to a strong jump in traffic to the site today, from visitors perusing the online copy of my iTunes library, to see the 1,200 or so songs I claimed to have purchased from Apple's iTunes Music Store in the three-plus years since it arrived on the scene.

Now, that count is up a full hundred, to 1,348 items, thanks to a discovery of two 50-track trance sets on iTunes that sell for the standard price of $9.99 an album. Having sampled a few of the tracks, and finding them to my liking, I purchased both albums, and having been parted of less than $20, I now have 14 hours of new trance music to go through - at one-fifth of Apple's usual price per song (99 cents).

Typically, compilation albums from artists I've never heard of don't turn out so well, but if purchased at a record store, I'd likely be parting with $19.99 for maybe 15-20 tracks, not a full 100, and I'd still have to have the CD and album cover lying around, even if I didn't like the songs. With iTunes, I can just delete a song that cost me all of 20 cents if I don't like it - and that's a good thing.

To check out the latest tunes I'll be diving into over the next few weeks, try the following links to the iTunes Music Store:

50 Trance Tunes, Vol. 1 | 50 Trance Tunes, Vol. 2