January 10, 2007

Week of CES and Macworld Sends RSS Flood

Today, the steady trickle of Google Reader went off like a flash flood. Starting Sunday, with the beginning of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (CES) and culminating in today's big Apple news at MacWorld, with the debut of the AppleTV and the potentially revolutionary iPhone, all the tech news sites and blogs you could shake a feed at were publishing in overdrive.

Google Reader activity: January 9, 2007

Today's activity set a new record - with more than 740 items being generated from the 80 or so feeds I've automatically selected to watch. Seemingly half of them were dedicated to tracking Steve Jobs' every move. Not that I can complain. When I get the chance, I'll finally sit down with my PowerBook, plug in the iPod earphones and watch the 2-hour keynote myself. It's practically a tradition. But reading an RSS item every minute for 12 hours? I'm hoping it's a one-time spike, not something I need to get used to.

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