January 10, 2007

Apple Stock Pays for AppleTV, New Airport Extreme

There's nothing more assured from a MacWorld Expo keynote than AAPL stock volatility. We took the bet last week that the rumors around Apple were true - that Steve Jobs could surprise us all and set the stock higher. We also bet that ahead of CES, TiVo, still undervalued, would pull of some tricks to elicit interest in their stock. So we overweighted the portfolio in a big way.

Thank goodness we were right. We're not wealthy by any means, but we cleared about $2k from 5 days of trades in the two, and that was more than enough to treat ourselves to the new $299 AppleTV and new Airport Extreme wireless base station, sporting 802.11n connectivity. The AppleTV will be a welcome addition to our new setup, including new DVD players and plasma screen, as we catch up with Silicon Valley expectations. The new Airport should get our wireless a bit more regular, faster and reach further. And as far as I'm concerned, they were free, and we have more than $1,500 in profits left over, to point somewhere else.

Listening to ''It's My Turn'', by Pete Tong (Play Count: 3)

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