January 26, 2007

Soon Off to the Frozen Big Apple

Early Saturday morning, I'll be catching a flight to New York to participate in a trade show for work, and will be there through this upcoming Thursday. Unlike most of the tradeshows I attend, I'll also be taking on the role of tradeshow coordinator, subbing in, meaning I get to work with the union folks to put up and take down the booth, install and uninstall equipment, as well as meeting and greeting potential clients.

With that said, I'm not exactly excited about this trip, given the frigid weather in the Northeast of the country this time of year. My WeatherPop has been taunting me by saying New York City is in the 20-degree range now, and expects sleet on Sunday. While we here in California have been whining about 40-50 degree weather the last few months, 20 degrees and sleet are just unheard of. Hopefully, I can stay indoors, somewhere warm, and with high-speed Internet. If I don't get that necessary luxury, you will be sure to hear about it.