January 26, 2007

Borat Movie Is Completely Nutty

It's a good thing we didn't spend the $10 apiece or so to go out and see Borat in the theater. It would not have been cash well spent. Though funny and incredibly ludicrous throughout, Borat served to better expose the ignorant American underbelly we'd rather not be reminded of than it did to deliver a quality film. Silly to be sure, but stupid.

In his guise as a visitor from Kazakhstan, Borat manages to make normal red-blooded Americans look even more foolish and backward than he does, even in his incredible get-up. He exposes Southern frat boys as racist, gets a rodeo chairman to talk on camera about his belief that every mustachioed Muslim is a potential terrorist, and attends a Pentecostal sermon that would boggle the mind, all while chasing after Pamela Anderson Lee across the country.

That the country was abuzz over the movie for months is a sad commentary on the society. That people paid full ticket value for what amounted to be an hour twenty minute comedy may be even worse. And some of the images from the film aren't exactly ones I want to see again. Funny, but stupid.