January 24, 2007

Silly YouTube - Where's The Redundancy?

For a company that was worth more than $1.6 billion as a Google acquisition, you would think they'd have learned how to make seamless changes without bringing down the entire site, but YouTube seems to instead love showing new error images.

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I hate to be suspicious, but this may or may not have to do with Fox's recent suit for YouTube to take down copyrighted episodes of 24 and The Simpsons. Of course, those who really want the shows can get them elsewhere online for free.

Update: Google's blog says YouTube and Google Video were integrated last night:
Starting today, YouTube video results will appear in the Google Video search index: when you click on YouTube thumbnails, you will be taken to YouTube.com to experience the videos. Over time, Google Video will become even more comprehensive as it evolves into a service where you can search for the world's online video content, irrespective of where it may be hosted.