January 25, 2007

AppleTV Could Outshine iPhone for Apple

Lost in all the hoopla around Apple's introduction of the iPhone, followed by the subsequent trademark suit from Cisco Systems over Apple's ability to use the name was the second significant announcement that day - that of AppleTV, a set-top box that acts as a conduit between your iTunes media library and your flat-screen television. While the iPhone remains unavailable for purchase at least through June 2007, AppleTV is available for order, and should ship at the end of February. In fact, early reports show AppleTV as the #1 selling product at Apple's online store, ahead of even the iPod, and now, recent news says that the product's success has outstripped even Apple's lofty expectations.

According to a new entrant to the Apple rumor scene, Apple Recon, Apple has recently increased their initial 100,000 unit order to to triple that number. The author says part of the reason AppleTV has been so successful is the price - coming in at approximately 25% that of Windows Media Center devices. He's got a point. After all, using proceeds from the Apple stock I sold during Steve Jobs' keynote, I purchased both AppleTV and the new Airport Extreme. Given the low prices for both devices, it was almost on par with an impulse buy. I'm hoping that despite the influx of demand, my AppleTV will arrive on time and without delay. We can't wait to start messing with it.

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