September 07, 2006

With September Here, TV Becomes Useful Again

Aside from the daily ups and downs of Oakland A's baseball, it's been a long, lonely summer for our TiVo. Without new shows each week from any of the networks, we resorted to the occasional late night show from Conan O'Brien or Jon Stewart, and took a liking to the syndicated Arli$$ from ESPN Classic, but can't say we've been satiated without the standard fare from Law & Order, CSI, 24 and the rest.

Now that September is upon us, the fall season premieres are just beginning to debut and give us hope. After some dark days which had seen us whittle our TiVo WatchList to less than one screen (TiVo owners know what I mean), we should soon be arriving home each day to new fares, and hopefully soon get to struggle not with finding anything to watch, but to instead, pick which show to watch. My wife and I had a conversation of that type just yesterday when we got home.

"What do you want to see when we get home," she asked. "Arli$$ or House?" "Both!" I answered.

So we did - somehow trying to get used to a kinder, gentler House who no longer finds himself addicted to painkillers and a cane following last season's dramatic conclusion which had him shot and on his deathbed. Arli$$ on the other hand was up to his usual tricks, and doesn't seem any better for it.

With the new season upon us, I grow wistful of those who may never grace our screens again - the West Wings and Convictions of the world who some mucky-muck decided had either run their course or never were to be allowed to forge one. But somehow, I think we'll push through and become acceptable TV viewers again, as we did before when we lost NYPD Blue, or even further back, when The Cosby Show and Family Ties said their farewells. Instead, we look to the future and welcome back War At Home, welcome back Jack Bauer and Gil Grissom and the crew as they go about their business. And our TiVo will once again love us back.

Listening to ''Assorted Trance Volume 16'', by DJ Irish (Play Count: 2)