September 07, 2006

New Apple Patent Applications Keep Fans Guessing

For a mega-brand such as Apple, there's little you can do without anybody noticing. With an army of hundreds of thousands scouring your Web site on a daily basis to uncover any hidden clues as to future products and features, or writing on their blog about directories that don't go anywhere ( or domain names that don't mean anything ( and, when you actually do put a tidbit of information out there, it gets devoured and digested more quickly than a pair of hot dogs in front of Takeru Kobayashi.

Today, in separate "findings"...

It was first revealed that Apple had filed patent applications for a multi-functional hand-held device, aimed to act as any or more of the following: a PDA, cell phone, music player, video player, digital camera, handtop, Internet terminal, GPS or remote control. Though the sketches are well... sketchy, it of course reinvigorated discussions that Apple would move beyond the iPod and go after the market it initially forged with the Newton. The application detailed a device that could potentially forgo traditional keys in exchange for touch-sensitive keys that would make room for full-screen viewing.

In a second discovery, it's now said that Apple may be trying to bring back the famous "Cube" which didn't do so well the first time around, priced too high and lacking standard features for upgradeability and accessibility. When high-profile cracks began to appear in the otherwise flawless-looking mini-desktop, Apple put the machines on ice, but suggested they might some day return. Now, a new patent application says the Cube form factor is back on the board. Of course, being laptop centric, I don't think we'll be getting one now either.

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