August 02, 2006

Set to See Sox at Fenway Thursday

My wife is a history buff. I am a baseball buff. Our two passions will intersect tomorrow evening when we take a trip a few blocks over from our hotel to see the Boston Red Sox take on the visiting Cleveland Indians at historic Fenway Park, site of back-to-back walkoff wins by the Red Sox in the last two nights. I first made the trip to Fenway Park myself in May of 2005, when on a business trip, I had planned ahead and scored the much-prized tickets. Though I enjoyed the game a great deal, the outcome was not what I had hoped, as the A's, coincidentally visiting Boston that week, managed to cough up the lead against Boston in the 9th inning, capsizing on a Kevin Millar home run over the Green Monster.

It seems that the Red Sox play amazingly well while I'm in town, for some reason. They came back against their rival Yankees in the 2004 ALCS from an unprecedented 3-0 deficit. They had a record of 0-3 prior to my coming to Boston, and were 8-0 the rest of the way, including the 2004 World Series. In 2005, I saw them defeat the A's in brutal fashion, and it was repeated the following day. On this trip, the Sox have wowed fans in the bottom of the ninth both Tuesday and Wednesday. Needless to say, if you're a betting man, it's clear the Indians aren't going to give you any kind of returns tomorrow. You can put it in the bank.

While I'm very much obviously an Oakland A's fan, I am absolutely a baseball fan first and foremost. In the last years, I've capitalized on business travel to see Fenway (now twice), Wrigley Field, Camden Yards, and Bank One Ballpark. My hope is that I can someday catch all 30 teams, and somehow get work to pay for it. That would be grand.

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