August 02, 2006

Evening Tech Notes: August 2, 2006

In a surprising move, Lycos (remember those guys?) is now offering a larger mail repository than Google's famed GMail. Instead of 2 Gigabytes, which GMail offers, LycosMail promises that users can save as many as 3 Gigabytes, effectively raising the bar again for e-mail storage. You may remember that when Google first announced GMail in April of 2004, Yahoo!, Hotmail and others limited users to a mere 50 Megabytes.

TechCrunch writes that Lycos has a number of strikes against it, not to mention the strength of Google's brand name, saying, "Whether Lycos can offer search and spam filtering as good as Gmail’s remains to be seen. It also stands at a disadvantage via Gmail’s integration with the rest of Google’s offerings."

As mentioned this morning, the tumult over Microsoft Windows Vista's delays continues. As Good Morning Silicon Valley writes, not even the bugs are stable yet. It's now rumored Vista won't show up until February.

Continuing on the Microsoft bent, it looks like the failed MSN brand will go away, in favor of the new moniker, Live. With MSN always running a distant second, third or worse, in basically every category, it's time to knife the baby.

Lest you think we've switched over to loving Redmond, don't be alarmed. There's plenty interesting going on in Cupertino as well. With WWDC rapidly approaching, the rumors are flying thick on just what Steve Jobs will pull from his sleeves. Think Secret says that the second generation of iWeb will simplify the use of external site data - outside of the typical .Mac services, and integration of Google's AdSense. Being a RapidWeaver user, we're not affected, but will still watch with curiosity. Additionally, a MacRumors source anticipates Xeon-powered XServes, New Mac Pro desktops, and a preview of the new operating system, Leopard, which will no doubt debut before the much-maligned Vista.

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