August 13, 2006

Proposed: A Giants Fan Amnesty Program

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As you can see above, it's pretty clear the San Francisco Giants aren't going anywhere this season - except to their vacation spots and retirement homes, come October. In contrast, the Oakland A's are very much a part of playoff contention, having won 9 of 10, pushing the team to a division lead of 4.5 games.

As you can imagine, there are probably a good number of Giants "fans" who are unhappy with their horse, and would give anything to join the bandwagon to follow the hot team on the other side of the bay. Yet, they are tied down to expensive season ticket packages at Phone Booth Park, and can't financially make the move.

I propose that the A's aggressively market to this unhappy group of baseball fan wanna-bes through a one-time amnesty program aimed at converting them and their friends to the A's fold for good.

I propose:

* The A's will grant 2006 playoff ticket rights to those Giants fans who turn in their remaining 2006 season tickets. To gain full playoff rights, the Giants fans will be given the opportunity to purchase an equivalent number of equal or lesser value A's tickets for half price.
* The A's will offer half-price day of game tickets in exchange for any two used 2006 ticket stubs from AT&T Park.
* The A's will offer a 25% discount on 2007 season tickets of equal or lesser value to any holder of 2006 Giants season tickets.
* The A's will offer a 40-50% discount on A's merchandise in exchange for Giants merchandise in very good to excellent condition. We simply want it off the streets, for the betterment of our community.
* Upon trade-in of any active or future Giants season tickets, the A's will gift the Giants ticket holders new A's caps, free of charge.

The questions to you:

* Would the A's be interested in converting Giants fans?
* Do you want to sit next to these bandwagon fans?
* Do they deserve to take playoff seats from true A's fans?
* Would this program be successful?

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