August 13, 2006

If You're on a PC, It's Time to Switch to Mac

In the dark days of the mid-1990s for Apple, the rallying cry wasn't to move people off of Windows and on to Macintosh, but instead to keep the doors open at the iconic computer company, who was on its last legs financially after a series of missteps that coincided with the absence of co-founder Steve Jobs. A decade later, it's no secret that the Mac maker is alive and kicking. Following a strong WWDC conference last week, many in the media are discussing if it's finally time to make the switch to Macintosh, as Apple debuted more powerful systems than the competition (Dell) at a lower price point, and the company's newest operating system leapfrogs Windows Vista, which is still struggling in early beta.

As Michael Gartnerberg, an analyst for Jupiter Research, told the New York Times, "much of what Microsoft is promising for Vista is available today at your local Apple store," and Gartner analysts followed that up by saying "Apple is winning mind share, which leads to market share."

All the old adages and excuses of why people would not consider the Macintosh are gone. The Macintosh is compatible with all networking standards and corporate networks. The newest Macintoshes offer Windows as an option, and the entire product lineup features the latest Intel processors. Additionally, as mentioned, the price differential between the two (Mac and PC) is gone at any level except the very lowest price band.

As the company's series of "Get a Mac" ads have shown, every new Macintosh, at factory install, comes bundled with an array of creative applications, that if purchased for the PC equivalent, could cost hundreds of dollars. Additionally, the Macintosh platform continues to be the leader in security and is virus-free, while Windows continues to be rattled by virus warnings, worms, spyware, and instability.

With all that said, the mainstream media is now getting the picture in a big way. A second New York Times article asks openly if it is "Time to trade Windows for Mac?". As Apple continues to grow mind share with its ubiquitous iPods and expanded advertising, it's definitely coming to the fore in a big way. (See also: Red Herring: The End of Wintel?)

A colleague of mine at work wrote just last week, complaining that she was beset with spyware and detested the plagues of Windows, from pop-ups to viruses.

She wrote, "I don't know anything about MACs.... Would I like one instead of a desktop PC? Are they easier or harder to manage? I keep getting hackers attacking my PC at home... Viruses, spyware, etc..." Minutes later, after visiting the Apple store online, and finding the Mac Mini, the story was different. "$599!  SOLD!!  SOLD!  That one is MINE!  :)"

If you're on Windows, and you're tired of the computer running you, and not the other way around, it's time to come to the light. Apple offers you a better way of life. The Macintosh platform is built to help you get things done, not to get in your way. Switch today.

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