July 16, 2006

A Week of Silence

My apologies - as this blog has hardly been updated at all this week - and I don't have any amazing stories of trips or excitement to blame it on either. It was simply a combination of spending too many hours at work, combined with evening activities nearly every day, and as you know, the evening is when the overwhelming majority of posts to the site take place, largely due to my "no blogging from the office" policy.

So here's a quick rundown on what you missed (you'll see it's not overwhelming)...

On Saturday, we attended "Chez Nico II", the twice-annual get-together of local Athletics Nation fans to watch a baseball game together at one of the site editor's homes. Though the group managed to cheer on Esteban Loaiza to a win against the rival Giants in the previous visit, this week's celebration was well.... less celebratory, as the A's flubbed their way to a 7-0 loss at the hands of the Red Sox, in a game that saw their leading hitter plunked by one of the most-hated men in all of professional baseball, Curt Schilling. On a more positive note, the team did take the other three games in the series, and are now a game ahead of Texas in the AL West standings.

On Friday, we had a fun evening at home while three friends came over for chatting and a good home-cooked meal (something my wife excels at). I, of course, monopolized the couple's eight-month old baby, and was only semi-joking when I said they could leave him behind when they needed to go. Sadly, they chose to take him with them. Friends from church, the pair were married only two days before we were, and they briefly interrupted their honeymoon to be at our ceremony. Good friends will do that.

Wednesday, however, was ridiculous. Under what I thought was a tight deadline at work, I hunkered down and spent several extra hours completing a project, not leaving until after 10 p.m., well beyond what anyone else had done, as I found myself in an empty building, and with my car being the only one in the parking lot. Though I had been told we had to finish up last week, my boss turned around and got a one-week extension, so the rushing just may have been in vain. Though buoyed by a routine of Diet Coke and PowerBars, by the time I had gotten home, and we had walked the dog, I was just ready for bed, waking up the next morning only to start the routine again.

This upcoming week should be a little better. There's always plenty to do, but I should make time for the blog. And we will.

Listening to ''Sombre Detune'', by Röyksopp (Play Count: 7)

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