July 16, 2006

Evening Tech Notes: July 16, 2006

If you are an avid Dilbert reader, then you know employees are frequently promoted up to the point of their adequate level of incompetence. And unfortunately, that can often be seen in the corporate world. Unfortunately, when companies begin to drag or decline, it is the low-level, hard-working stiffs who traditionally feel the sting during layoffs, while overpaid, overfed, underworked managers slide by. Interestingly, this isn't the case at Intel, who opted to cut 1,000 manager positions in a wide layoff announced last week, which may not be the company's last. Mini-Microsoft notes this fresh thinking, and says just about every project has one too many layers of management in between it and success.

Prior to growing too large, of course, there are a number of steps companies need to take in order to get on the right track in the first place. Though Guy Kawasaki has done a tremendous job with his famous "Top Ten" lists and "The Art of the Start", Red Eye VC outlines how those funding a venture need to trust person #1 - the entrepreneur themselves.

It looks more and more like Microsoft is aiming to compete directly with the iPod later this year, with a me-too MP3 player offering, with some new features including video games and WiFi. Even the most ardent of Apple rumor sites don't believe Apple will have WiFi by the time Microsoft does. The question is - will this be the one that finally knocks iPod off the medal stand? (GigaOM, Seattle Times)

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