July 03, 2006

Nothing Surprises Us Any More

I almost didn't post this after learning the news this weekend that the Bush squad opted to start surveying our domestic phone calls BEFORE September 11th, which of course has been the cause of and solution to all of life's problems, if this administration is to be believed (which they clearly can't be).

Just think of how these stories have evolved. Wars were built out of complete lies and manipulated as each story got picked and pecked away, as people learned more and more.

Now, the right-wing is furious that we are beginning to know the truth, as they have engaged in wholesale campaigns to smear the media who has been doing their jobs and reporting news dear to all of us affected. The New York Times is being made the scapegoat for their frustrations, just like it was when Bob Dole smeared the paper in 1996, and just like it will continue to be in the future, as long as Fox News and others still have a voice.

What kind of administration would so eagerly go after the private bank records, phone records, library records and who knows what else of its own citizens, and how does this not violate the Constitutional rights to search and seizure? That's right - it's completely illegal. That's why the right wing is so hopping mad that they got caught - again.

As a friend wrote me this morning, "I find that most people with a brain aren't thrilled with the current direction of our country, or of our election system." So why do all of these who lack brains continue to have the option to vote? Surely we can change the Constitution to demand a simple aptitude test? Now, wouldn't that be something...

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