July 02, 2006

ANtics Episode 2.19: Eric Byrnes' Curse Continues

When the A's traded Eric Byrnes to the Rockies last year, feelings on AN were mixed. Popular for his hustle and "grit", yet unpopular for his unconventional route to fly balls and propensity to pop up, Byrnes meant something to everyone. But, apparently the A's meant a lot more to Byrnes, a local Bay Area product. Returning to the Coliseum as a member of the Orioles in August, the Birds swept the A's in three games, which the ANtics first chronicled in "ANtics - Episode V: The Byrnes Curse".

A year later, Byrnes, now with the Diamondbacks, proved the guy can carry a serious grudge. Though not the focal point for any of the Diamondbacks' three wins, his curse lives on, and the A's again are on the losing end of a three-game sweep. The ANtics check in on the curse to see if anything can be done...

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