July 04, 2006

Morning Notes: July 4, 2006

Yes, it's the 230th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and in this era, when patriotism has been waved high, and flags flown in the name of imperialism and cultural superiority, or simply to submit that you are opposed to the idea of terror, I'm sure that we all can rest more easily knowing that the CIA has closed the unit focused on capturing Osama Bin Laden, head of Al Qaeda. We must have caught him! Right? (Kos Comments)

In less head-shaking news, it turns out that the reason we haven't seen exceptional click-through rates on any of our electronic marketing campaigns is that we left out a very important topic - pornography! While it's always been true that sex sells, recent statistics show that more than 5% of all porn-related spam is clicked on. Those are outstanding numbers!  In comparison, spam related to pharmaceuticals only gains a click-through rate of 0.02%, according to the same survey.

On the technology side of the house, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer features a great interview with Blake Ross, one of the wunderkids who took on Microsoft's Internet Explorer with Firefox. Firefox of course is my default browser on Windows (when necessary), and serves as a strong backup to Safari on Mac OS X. While not making money by taking the non-profit public, Ross expresses his frustration with Microsoft who trolled out IE just to defeat Netscape and then discontinued innovating. He says, "The truth is I think Microsoft is very directly responsible for spyware and adware and the pop-up ads in general that proliferated across the Web after they abandoned their product."

Listening to ''I Don't Owe You Anything'', by The Smiths (Play Count: 4)

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