July 05, 2006

A's Marathon Continues - But Today They Lose

I was lucky enough to be granted an extra day to extend the four-day weekend, and I spent it just where I belonged, at the Oakland Coliseum, watching the A's take on the Central Division leading Detroit Tigers, after having taken the first two games of the series. 

Better yet, I met up with Blez and Nico from Athletics Nation, and the three of us took in today's game, under sunny weather, and in great seats. The game was my fourth in six days, after catching Friday and Saturday versus Arizona, and Monday, with my wife and parents, where we saw the A's beat the Tigers in the first game of the series, followed by the customary fireworks. And we're set to see the Friday and Saturday games against the division rival Angels, which would mean we were in the Coliseum for six games in the space of nine days - a practical windfall!

Seeing the game with Blez and Nico is a challenge. One is the founder of Athletics Nation, while the other used to run the sports desk at KALX in Berkeley. Both know their baseball, and while I can hold my own, it's a lot of fun to project what the A's will do next, or who they should sit or trade. Both are key assets for the Athletics Nation site, without which I probably wouldn't have ben motivated to get season tickets or even attend Spring Training, as we did earlier this year. In fact, I tried to outline my appreciation for the site on AN earlier today, in a "Public AN Appreciation Thread".

Somehow, despite today's 10-4 loss, the A's are still in first place. Though they've got a well-respected pitching staff, their offense continues to drag. We'll see if changes are made, or if they'll stand pat. My guess is no changes.

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