July 19, 2006

Apple Earnings Impress On All Counts

Wall Street can be fickle. With many companies of late making headlines due to SEC notices, earnings warnings and improperly forecast inventory levels, the market has not been a "happy fun zone" for some time - as even those companies that have been setting record earnings quarter after quarter have not escaped the analysts' wrath. Just last week, Apple stock fell when one analyst from Credit Suisse First Boston suggested that the company would miss earnings or forecast a revenue slowdown, based on rumored new iPod delays.

They were wrong. Big time.

After the stock market's close today, Apple announced the second-highest quarterly revenue and earnings in the company's history, on the back of more than 1.3 million Macintosh computers sold, and in excess of 8 million iPods. Also, the company reported that its new Intel-based Macs are flying off the shelves, comprising a full 75% of all Mac sales in the quarter.

Lucky for me, I had re-invested in Apple just last week, in an attempt to once again throw good money after bad, hoping to lower my overall share purchase price, and to benefit more greatly from the potential uptick in the stock. Not only did Apple stock rise by more than $1 a share during regular market trading, but the stock is up more than $4 a share (8+%) after hours, making me enough in about an hour to get a new MacBook for free, should I choose to throw my new cash that way.

With my Mac at work aging, now six years old, it's time to get a refresh. With Apple supporting Windows and Mac OS X together on one machine, we could add to Apple's bottom line in the upcoming quarter by getting an awesome new business machine.

Listening to ''Ian Richardson - Assume Nothing'', by Dave Clarke (Play Count: 9)