July 19, 2006

2006 Is Hottest Year On Record In the US

Global warming has graduated from the realm of theory to the level of full-blown, well documented phenomenon. While some in the US media tend to act impartial, straddling the fence on the issue, as if there is still some debate over reality, the heat continues to build, and once again, we see thermometers warning us that we may be beyond the point of no return, especially if people's actions do not change dramatically.

Reuters issued a story this evening that shows the first six months of 2006 were the hottest ever recorded, dating back to 1895. Just this week, the nation experienced 100-plus degree temperatures from California (trust me, we know) to South Dakota and Kansas.

Anybody who hasn't seen An Inconvenient Truth or continues to believe that our actions aren't having serious, potentially irreversible impact on this planet, is fooling themselves. We have got to get more vocal as a society in pushing for change and electing leaders who are willing to take a stand for truth and reason instead of fear and ignorance - or we're toast.

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