June 22, 2006

Sactown Royalty: The Kings of NBA Blogging

SportsBlogs Nation is growing rapidly, having expanded the sites' reach beyond all 30 major league baseball teams to the NBA, and is making inroads in the NFL and college realms. As mentioned here before, I've followed the Sacramento Kings for a very long time, back before they were perennial playoff contenders, and when every won game was a luxury. Though not as passionate about the Kings as I am the A's, I always look to see when the team is on television and follow in-game scores via Yahoo! or ESPN. Now, with Sactown Royalty, I'll have the chance to get as absorbed into the team as I have our friends in green and gold.

In April, Sactown Royalty featured a playoff predictions thread, where we could pick the winner of each round, and in how many games. Shockingly, I got every single winner of every playoff round correct - except for the first round Kings vs. Spurs matchup, which I attribute solely to blatant homerism on my part. This of course outpaced all other predictions on the site, and makes me wish I'd gone to Vegas with my hunches, which had Miami over Dallas in six games, just as the final round ended up.

My fandom on Sactown Royalty has been noticed, as I've just been contacted by the site editor to become a part-time writer on the site, as I've done with Athletics Nation for the last year or so. I'm not guaranteeing that all of a sudden you'll see black and purple ANtics-like comics, but I definitely will be dusting off the hardwood encyclopedia and getting my hoops brain back in gear if I'm going to make any kind of positive input. Definitely watch this space.

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