June 22, 2006

The Climate Crisis

Does it seem hot where you are? It's in the 90s here in the Bay Area, and that's downright stifling, especially anywhere we don't have air conditioning. But unless things change, we might have to get used to ever-hotter temperatures, and can expect that the unprecedented string of natural disasters we saw in 2005, which culminated in the shock and horror of Hurricane Katrina, will be more and more common if the facts leading to global warming are not stopped.

That's the premise of what I can unequivocally say is the best movie I've seen all year - An Incovenient Truth, which we saw this evening. If you see just one movie this summer, this is the one. The bare bones, documentarian "An Inconvenient Truth" offers enough drama to outpace Hollywood, and stars the greatest cast out there - you.

I'm not going to debate the issue here. It's not a political issue. It's a moral issue, one that is unanimously agreed upon by the scientific community. It's an issue that if left unchecked can have devastating consequences which will affect us all without question. The film makes that very clear. It's not a bleeding-heart liberal, tree-hugging, spotted owl protecting, ode to Greenpeace. It's the facts - laid out directly and stunningly through charts, statistics, photography and film.

Al Gore may never be part of public office again, and though he is the film's major star, it's not about him and not about his story. It's about this cause that consumes his every minute, and how he is taking this cause from the thousands of seminars he has given around the world to a city theater near you. Go find where it is playing near you and see it. See if you can watch this story, learn from it, and not feel like you've been hit with a wave of emotion and hope that you can affect change. And if you don't see it, you have only yourself to blame.

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