June 06, 2006

Primary Politics 2006

June voting isn't nearly as cool as November voting when national elections aren't up for bid. While in 2004, we had the option of selecting Kerry or Edwards, or pretending that Howard Dean still had a shot by the time we non-influential Californian voters were at the polls, in 2006, we have nothing really, except a battle between two gubernatorial candidates who have struggled to distinguish themselves. Remarkably, I changed allegiance once or twice, and could have been considered undecided as recently as last night, before Joe Trippi's note alerted me to how foolish his candidate looked on camera, via YouTube. I tend to make up my mind fairly early in the campaign cycle and push for my favored candidate, but June of 2006 hasn't done that at all.

I did make sure to vote however. Despite a rigorous last few days at the office, I made it to our polling place after work and punched my card, selecting Phil Angiledes for governor, making sure Feinstein isn't challenged, and voting yes on every proposition. Your tax dollars at work, ladies and gentlemen. But what I was really looking forward to was throwing some foolish, self-centered, probably corrupt, Republicans out of office on their tush. It looks like we'll have to wait for that until November, and can only live vicariously through Daily Kos and other sites to see how states around the country are faring.

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Go Dems, Go!

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