June 06, 2006

Life Is Better With a Techno Soundtrack

If you've got the right music in the background, almost any chore can take on a whole new feel, and it doesn't seem like a drag. There are some artists in my iTunes library, that when their music is playing, you can't help but be having a good time. I'm not one for listening to the blues, or slow, dragged out adult contemporary and folk music. I'm not interested in tapping slowly and shaking my head side to side, but instead prefer music you can beat out a good rhythm for, one that features intelligent ups and downs with multiple layers recognizable in the music, music that evolves from beginning to end, and in the best cases, leads you almost unknowingly to the next track.

I play music wherever I can get the opportunity. It's always on at home, in the car, and I've even snuck in an Apple iPod Shuffle to the office for when I really want to focus. I'll even leave the earbuds in when taking calls if I'm confident it won't get in the way. When I have the earbuds in, and there's no distraction between me and the monitor, that's when my best writing takes place, the most quickly. While some people can't do homework or read with music on, I can't exist in silence, for my mind gets too restless. That's where techno comes in. Some think good electronic music is intended just for the club scene, but I've got rhythmic bass from my car at 7:30 in the morning as much as I do at 10:30 at night.

Techno is the natural evolution of music. As I've famously said, Mozart came and died so that you could listen to techno. The best artists: Blank & Jones, Paul Van Dyk, DJ Tiesto, ATB, and those lesser known, like M83 or Royksopp, have real talents and offer my life a pulsing soundtrack that adds enjoyment to every note.

Listening to ''Desire (Short Cut)'', by Blank & Jones (Play Count: 4)

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