June 11, 2006

Finally Got Around to Seeing Episode III

We haven't been the best users of Netflix lately. In fact, after putting Star Wars: Episode III on the queue months ago, the DVD has been collecting dust on the top of our DVD player, as we tried to find a good excuse to watch a show we weren't too excited about anyway. But surprisingly, Revenge of the Sith was actually much better than Episode I and Episode II, and if I were forced to watch all six episodes consecutively (kill me now), I'd actually not be opposed to seeing Episode III again.

I'm not a Star Wars nerd. Never have been. But I had roommates in the last few years before I got married who demanded to go to the midnight showings of Episode I and Episode II, and the anticipation well outweighed the final result. In this case, we had low expectations, and they were exceeded, which is always good. And best of all, we can restart our queue with Netflix, and best utilize my wife's summer vacation with a string of good DVDs.

Listening to ''In Church'', by M83 (Play Count: 2)

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