June 11, 2006

Evening Notes: June 11, 2006

More in an irregularly occurring series...

Everyone and their mom has had to note that Robert Scoble, famed Microsoft blogger, is leaving the software monolith, and joining a Silicon Valley startup, PodTech, focused on podcasting. His notes previous to leaving were another good way to gain insight into the sometimes undecipherable mechanics of the Redmond company, and with the slowdown at Mini-Microsoft of late, the transparency just got a little darker.

Similar to the work done over at TechMeme, it now looks like Digg is going to jump from being 100% technology focused to also offering more vertical sites, for politics and other fare. TechMeme actually started as memeorandum.com for politics, before its technology site took off. The site also offers parallel pages for baseball and entertainment/gossip news.

And, not to pick on Microsoft too much, but The UK-based Inquirer suggests that the Origami themed ultramobile PCs (UMPCs) have been a market disaster and a technology flop. Just wait until Apple evolves and eats their lunch.

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