April 03, 2006

Tom Delay Retires - Crime Doesn't Pay

At times during the Bush administration, it has seemed that cronies in the Republican party would have to commit murder in order to see any negative ramifications to their actions. Heck, even the vice president shot his friend in the face on a hunting trip - only to be apologized to later by his victim! Now, tonight, with the nation's eyes turned toward NCAA hoops and baseball's opening night (Damn Yankees are crushing the A's 13-1 right now), Tom Delay has officially announced his retirement from the political limelight, bringing an end to one of the most notorious blights on the political landscape.

Of course, it's not as if he's actually going to jail for his crimes of embezzlement and deceit, but instead, it looked as if he retired because he realized he was in serious danger of losing the election. So, while we have his smiling mug shot around to remind us the man should be in jail, we can at least rest comfortably knowing one fewer crook is running the asylum. How many more of these jokers will go down in flames on their own without giving the electorate the opportunity to throw them out on their ears?

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