April 03, 2006

Baseball: Opening Day 2006

While the first official game of the season actually kicked off yesterday between the Cleveland Indians and Chicago White Sox, the rest of the major leagues get into action today across the country, including our Oakland A's - who are scheduled to match up in the first of a three-game set against the New York Yankees. While I've been exiled down here to San Diego for work purposes, we passed along our season tickets to a friend from church, and he will be in Oakland for Opening Day, representing us.

As chronicled here time and again, the Oakland Athletics of 2006 are a very intriguing club. Coming off a strong 2005 campaign, they are achieving national accolades, and are widely expected to return to the playoffs. While it's way too early to talk about that, with so many variables, we are excited about this year unlike any year I can ever recall, and I think our obsession with Athletics Nation has definitely contributed. Why turn off my thoughts of baseball for the cold winter months, when I can think and strategize about the team year round and take it up a notch in April?

To me, baseball's opening day is one of reverence, the way others see Easter, Christmas, or any of the holiest holidays. It is a day with traditions and passion - with stories you can tell your grandkids for generations to come. I am eagerly looking forward to the 2006 season and hoping the A's will bring us many stories to be told with win after win all the way through October.

Listening to ''Back to Cali (Push Remix)'', by Mauro Picotto (Play Count: 3)