March 16, 2006 to be Useful Again?

If you started out on the Mosaic and Netscape browsers through the rise of the Web like we did, you can probably recall how Netscape had a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on its being the default homepage for 90+% of the browsers out there, but hemmed and hawed its way into obscurity. Instead of becoming a portal for news, e-mail, sports and more, until much too late, the site instead implored you to download the latest point upgrade or RC (release candidate).

Now, with FireFox, Safari, the dreaded IE and others having taken over the browser space, Netscape and are a mere shell of their former selves. As Valleywag writes today, the only people using as their homepage are the decreasing number of Netscape employees, their family and partners, or the technology challenged, who don't know how to make changes to their browser.

But rumors on the Web are saying that with the recent promotion of Jason Calacanis, may soon mirror and become a useful content source once again. (Paid Content: to be Relaunched as Digg-Like Site) Calacanis won't confirm anything, but says he'll tell us if changes are coming.

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