March 16, 2006

Google Stretching for Announcements

Google has had a rough time of it lately - seeing next generation applications debut before their time through leaked screenshots or PowerPoint notes inadvertently left behind on analyst day. Meanwhile, their stock has dropped by $150 from its peak only a few months ago. In the interim, the company is trying to continue positive press and interest through announcements on the company blog - ranging from Google Mars (similar to Google Earth - only with green skin and UFOs), tiny updates to their Desktop program, pictures of their pug, and today's announcement - real-time scores through SMS if you send your favorite team's name to their number. Color me unimpressed.

These aren't the announcements we would expect from a $100 billion valuation company. For years, we've been able to get sports scores by calling a toll-free number, or those toting Blackberry devices can just tap-click their way into ESPN. We've got no need for yet another service to get us this data! And if you're anywhere near a TV, ESPN and ESPN2 and FoxSports and CNN and CNN Headline News and Fox News... do I have to go on... have scrolling tickers with sports news and scores. The feature is so lame that Google had to manufacture 10 scenarios where you would use the service, which includes "that you have a restraining order filed against you by multiple sports professionals". I bet most of you can come up with a top ten better than theirs. They're just not trying any more!

Also - It seems Google's not focused on fixing the very real problems of click fraud. Internet Outsider has more.

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