March 14, 2006

Nasdaq Market Rally Continues

While not as strong as Monday's rise, technology stocks continued upwards today, and given my complete lack of diversification - as I stick to the companies and stocks I know, reducing my need to look around and research, this put me in a good spot today. Apple (AAPL) and (CRM) were both up more than 2 percent, while Rackable (RACK) continued its gains, increasing more than one percent on the day. In fact, Rackable's increase of 1.15% was the lowest of the three, while that increase was actually the highest jump (if you can call it that) of any of the mutual funds featured by the 401k.

Given the above, this means that for the fourth session out of six, I outplayed the 401k mavens. It still seems that through reducing risk, we reduce reward, and the market is all about reward. Get what you can as fast as you can and get out before it's too late.

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