March 14, 2006

My Poor TiVo Needs Attention

While we were away in Arizona, following the noblest of pursuits - A's baseball and feigning an early summer burn/tan, our homebound, landlocked, TiVo continued to slave away in our absence, doing just as we had asked it to do, without any fuss, muss or compensation. Though we had abandoned it to the quiet of an unheated home for the space of four days, it didn't quit or turn in early hours, or sleep in, missing any of its programming.

Which leaves us with serious issues. while in Phoenix, TiVo stored the most recent copies of 24, The West Wing, ER, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Crossing Jordan, and Late Night With Conan O'Brien's much-anticipated journey to Finland. So how do we catch up, barring putting away the laptops, our books, and breaking out the caffeine? Could be a real conundrum, should I choose to give it priority. Do I need to come home earlier for work, or stay up later, or wake up early and show up to work late? All are very tempting possibilities to bring our home up to speed in TV-land. On the other hand, I could be giving this way too much thought. Good thing the TiVo didn't overthink it, and just did as it was told.

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