September 21, 2011

10 Google+ Searches You Can Save or Modify

1. TechCrunch OR ReadWriteWeb OR TheNextWeb

For top tech news. If you have other favorites, change the words.

2. Google+ Search for Google+

Never miss an update about Google+

3. Beautiful OR Majestic

What the world finds visually appealing.

4. lolcat

Hat tip to +Ben Huh

5. San Jose (or any location of your choice)

Searches for your city or community.

6. Millions OR Billions

The world of big numbers.

7. Rumors

Don't miss a single potential leak.

8. Obama (or your favorite politician here)

Stay on top of politics or other celebs

9. Oakland A's (or your favorite sports team)

Go teams go!'s

10. Breaking News

Make Google+ your news feed.

Let us all know some great saved searches you like. +Danny Sullivan is partial to "lol" and "Earthquake".

/via My Google+ Profile

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