August 03, 2011

Twitter Adds Global Talent Sleuth To Accelerate Recruiting

With hundreds of millions in the bank from the company's most recent venture round, and hundreds of new employees having "joined the flock" just in the last two years, Twitter is bursting at the seams with resources to help the company expand from its current position to playing an even greater role in tomorrow's social Web. Joining the company today to help find even more people to help with the creation, curation, distribution, discovery and storage of the world's 140 character missives is Marcus Thorpe, who goes by the moniker of @Talent_Sleuth.

Thorpe joins the company by way of a Skype, where he spent the last year, after a full five years at Google. Billing himself as an international staffing guru, Marcus helped build out Google's European offices and says he was the first member of the EMEA Engineering and Operations recruitment team for Google in Europe, when he worked for the search giant from June 2005 until September of last year. His LinkedIn profile suggests he had a hand in the recruiting of more than 800 European employees for Google over the five-year period.

Marcus, International @Talent_Sleuth to Make Calls for Twitter

After leaving Google last fall, he joined Skype, which was recently acquired by Microsoft for more than 8 billion, quite possibly making the role a bit less interesting than when it was a more scrappy independent company. Now he'll be making phone calls on behalf of Twitter. No idea if he prefers to use Skype to do his recruiting.

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