August 21, 2011

My MacBook Air Starves of Oxygen

In what looks like an ironic coincidence, the day before I jump into new hire orientation at Google, my MacBook Air looks like it is dead. Not just out of power or sluggish or anything... just dead. It gave up in the middle of my reading Google+ and opening a new tab for Google Reader.

I don't want to claim that Uncle Steve heard the news and remotely threw the kill switch or anything, but I am slightly amused at the timing. If that was Jobs' plan, what he doesn't realize is that it's just pushed me to the Chromebook full-time, which is actually a very happy place. I'll give the MacBook Air some more time off and will hope to revive it soon, but with practically all my data in the cloud at this point, all I would lose is whatever didn't get backed up to Time Capsule in the last week or two. The future shouldn't reside on my local hard drive, perilously owned by a single machine's vitality.

My poor Air. So cute. So thin. So inviting. And yet... so antiquated after only two years.

/via My Google+ Profile.