May 03, 2011

Read Every Bleeping Tweet Without The Naughty Language

Do you want to safely browse your Twitter stream and follow a good mix of people without running into the occasional swear word that would make razor-tongued Dave McClure blush? A microapplication built on the Kynetx platform removes all foul language viewed on and replaces it with something much more wholesome. The result is a cleaner stream that drops from a potential R-rating to a more serene PG environment.

Alex and Akiva Got Bleeped Out for Their Profanity

The app, simply titled "Bleep Tweets" is authored by Michael Grace (@MikeGrace), who is behind many small Kynetx apps that add value to the sites you already visit, including the very similar app "Foul Facebook Filter" which removes swear words from that network as well. Other cool Kynetx apps include Hoverme, which provides details on Twitter connections from around the Web and TomatoFlix, which adds Rotten Tomatoes ratings to Netflix, IMDB, Redbox, Fandango and more. All of these apps leverage the Kynetx platform, which they call the live Web, with the Web browser as the playground.

The Foul Filter Sits In Your, Censoring the Stream

With Bleep Tweets running. the app can replace naughty language with asterisks, the word "beep", can hide the status update outright or substitute pirate speak. It's quite silly, but with it always running, you're unlikely to hurt your sensitive eyes. For my running counter, since installation, it lets me know the app has checked more than 381,000 tweets and eliminated 7,150+ curses. That's just under 2 incidents for every 100 tweets. Follow somebody like Dave McClure (@davemcclure) or Alex Wilhelm (@alex) and you're sure to get your numbers a tad higher.

Oh beep! You just got censored.

Bleep Tweets now makes it safe to watch your friends' streams during major sporting events again, or in the often inebriated weekend evenings. And it's totally simple to run. Make sure your browser is Kynetx enabled and then add the app. You'll bleeping love it.

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