May 13, 2011

MLKSHK: High Calorie Junk Food Photo Fun You'll Pig On

You know what goes well with I Can Has Cheezburgers? MLKSHKs. In the vein of simple and addictive sites revolving around fun photos, images and community, MLKSHK, the brainchild of Andre Torrez of Simpleform, and formerly of Federated Media, MLKSHK opened its doors tonight (yes, on Friday the 13th) to push you to share your online findings with friends. As I found with late night discussions on Convore prior to that site's unveiling, the combination of creative friends and fun images strewn about the Web can often be side-splittingly funny, and MLKSHK hopes to capture all that in one place - organized by categories, and each share gaining the option to get user interaction in the forms of comments, saves and likes.

MLKSHK (obviously pronounced "Milkshake") separates grouped discussions and shares in what they call "Shakes". You can view shakes from all your friends, find featured shakes chosen by the community, or browse by collections, from animated GIFS, to comics, typography, all manner of TV shows, and of course, off the wall stuff one would expect from a @torrez or @mat project, like "Booze makes it all better" and "Roboshake 2084".

Do I expect to be a lot more productive with my life now that MLKSHK is open to the public after having early access for two months? No. Do I expect to jump in and find yet another site full of silliness and images that everybody wants to see but pretends they don't? Absolutely.

As the service's front page says, "Easily save images from everywhere on the web. The silly ones, the sweet ones, the cool ones, and the gross ones—then share them with your friends and family. Join groups of other people who like the same silly and cool stuff you do and contribute your own."

I've been in tons of silly communities, and most of them end up having a tremendous number of frothy conversations around silly images, be they started on FriendFeed or Facebook, the old Brizzly, Convore and now MLKSHK. Wrinkle your eyebrows at this entry to the world or not, but you know this is the site everybody wanted. Go forth and share.

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