April 20, 2011

Seesmic for Android Brings Shortcut Array for Fast Actions

One of the initial attractions for me to the Android platform was the flexibility of the home screens, which don't have to just feature applications in a monotonous 4 by 4 grid, but also the option to have widgets with live streaming content from social media and news sites and shortcuts to actions within applications. Social media powerhouse Seesmic is introducing an upgrade to its popular app today that fully leverages this capability - bringing all aspects of the product to the front of your device.

In version 1.7, released this morning, Seesmic introduces shortcuts to compose tweets and Facebook updates, shortcuts to saved searches on Twitter, shortcuts to Twitter lists, shortcuts to Facebook pages, and many more quick links to pieces of their system. The result is a practical launching pad for all things social from your Android home screen.

Adding Seesmic Shortcuts for All Accounts Is a Snap

I'd previously sung the praises of Seesmic for Android and Windows Phone 7 at the end of last month, and for the last month or so, I've eschewed the standard Twitter for Mac client in favor of Seesmic Desktop 2. Today's introductions show that Seesmic is doing more than just porting their iOS experience to Android, as some developers have, but embracing the OS and providing functionality users really want.

Adding Twitter Lists and Facebook Pages from Seesmic

Once you've upgraded to Seesmic 1.7 on Android, adding these shortcuts is really easy. Select the menu button on your device, hit Add, choose shortcuts and pick from the many options Seesmic has. The app will recognize what accounts you use, what lists you follow, what saved searches you keep and what Facebook pages you maintain. Repeat the process until you've got as many as you like. I managed to fill an entire screen just with my Seesmic.

Adding Twitter Searches and My Full Screen of Shortcuts

You can grab the latest update from http://seesmic.com/products/android or by searching for Seesmic on the Android Market, and don't miss their great YouTube intro of the new features, which go beyond just shortcuts to include improved spam reporting, translation and link handling, from Liza Sperling.

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