January 17, 2011

Quora's Momentum Continues, Driving Intrigue, Curiosity

Quora, the red-hot question and answer service sprung from the minds and keyboards of a small group of early Facebook employees, continues to see dramatic growth, sustaining a near-fever pitch that was kindled just prior to the new year. While off its all-time traffic peak, with subscription notifications ebbing for most folks, but remaining high, people are still trying to find out what role Quora fits in their Web consumption ecosystem, and what role they may want to play.

Last week, I gained the opportunity to sit down with Brian Remmel of Social Media Club Silicon Valley to talk about what has made Quora intriguing for tech-focused early adopters, who have generally shied away from mainstream question and answer sites. For me, the site has been most intriguing to take a passive view, watching primary sources share their unique insight. Not aiming to draw attention to myself, my answers have been sporadic, aiming to add value.

While there have been some concerns about the site's quality decreasing with the influx of traffic, for me Quora will provide solid value so long as the top-ranked answer is exceptional. The rest of the answers, from the casual to humorous to incorrect, should be taken care of by the community or moderators themselves. You can follow me on Quora at http://www.quora.com/Louis-Gray.

To read the great summary from Brian, see: Social Media Club: Will Quora find its place among the stars? or my previous comments on Quora: The Quora Phenomenon - Peaking on Value & Authenticity.

The full interview (in audio) is embedded below:

Louis Gray on Quora 1-11-11 by bremmel