October 14, 2010

my6sense for Android Adds Instapaper, Replies, DMs, More

I would be remiss to not highlight the continued updates the my6sense team has made to the company's Android application, aimed to surface the best content for you from your news and social streams, based on your own interests. After joining the company as their VP of Marketing in late August, I've seen the application launch on Android, and worked with the engineers to get their priorities focused on those areas that will bring the highest functionality for users. And what we are finding is no surprise - people want to not only read the best stuff, but to share it everywhere and enjoy all the social nuances they experience with dedicated apps.

When my6sense first debuted, the application was focused on RSS, and many folks still believe that's what the app is all about. While RSS is great, the new additions to the app, including support for Twitter, Facebook and Google Buzz, put content from those networks on the same foundation as RSS for news consumption and discovery.

As those social apps gain utility in the app, user expectations rise. It's a great thing, making us reconsider where consumption ends and creation begins.

Thus, in the last month, we have added:
  • Likes and Comments for Facebook and Google Buzz
  • Retweets, Replies and Direct Messages on Twitter
  • Full Google Buzz consumption and sharing
In addition, as we add more features, we are reducing impact on one's phone:
  • Reduced memory usage
  • Added the ability to move data to the SD card
And more focus on customer requests, including:
  • The ability to save the last known settings (such as sort by time) when you open the app
  • The option to display items that have been created in the last 12 hours
  • The addition of Instapaper support to save your items to the cloud.
One of the byproducts of the enhancements is that I have found myself browsing Google Buzz and Facebook a lot more on the go, and can now like or comment on friends' shares from anywhere. my6sense does the hard work to pull the best stuff to the top, and I am not missing a thing when I am away from the computer.

The app today is on Android and iPhone, where it all began, and my6sense also has an Attention API for customers, who can bring personalized prioritization to their streams. More screens are planned of course.

To find out more, check out the company blog post: Stream on, until your stream comes true: Android App Version 1.3 or check out The Next Web's great review: My favoriter, my6sense for Android, gets some hefty upgrades.

Disclosures: I am Vice President of Marketing for my6sense.

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