September 24, 2010

iSites Creates Simple Mobile Apps for Individuals, Brands

At the end of 2009, Mobile Roadie made a big splash at Le Web for the company's do it yourself iPhone application builder. The app, for about $500, could create a customized application for individuals, and has seen strong traction in the entertainment space for artists including Taylor Swift and Madonna. It's also the platform used for iPhone apps featuring Chris Brogan and Brian Solis. I even paid for one, but haven't taken the time to build it out. But today, I tried a cheaper alternative (up front, if not in the long run) that already has a mobile URL for me, with many of the same features. The new platform is called iSites.

iSites bills itself as being able to design once and publish on multiple mobile platforms - meaning you can get published on both the iTunes Store and the Android Market. The "Instant App" feature requires no approval from Apple and is $10 a month afterward, while official apps on both platforms run at $50 a month - with the option to monetize with AdMob, if you are interested.

The iSites App Splash Page and Recent Updates

Like MobileRoadie, iSites (not to be confused with iSight cameras) prompts you to enter a number of public RSS feeds aligned with your blog, your photos, your tweets or your YouTube videos, and to label them in your app. You can create a custom splash page, and in the space of less than an hour, you can have a customized URL to point people to all your updates.

iSites Categories And Recent Blog Posts

For example, mine is at, which looks a lot better on an iPod Touch or iPhone - and in weeks will support iPad as well. The system autodetects the mobile browser, and prompts visitors to add the Web app to their home screen. It works - and does so almost immediately - even if it is not flashy, giving you an option to keep friends, family and fans updated on all your activities with a single app.

Picking Feeds to Add to iSites

I spoke with Raju Sagiraju, the cofounder of iSites, on Thursday, who explained that the company gets around the rigorous app store process thanks to the creation of an HTML 5 capable Web app. He said, in contrast to Mobile Roadie's focus on musicians, iSites is focused on newspaper sites, bloggers and others looking for vanity apps in the consumer space.

The team is seven people large, based in Mountain View and just raised $1 million to get off the ground.

As they grow, if you can't get enough Louis Gray from here, you can grab my app at I'll be tweaking it over time to make it stronger. You can make your own app at

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