July 14, 2010

Seesmic for Android Adds Support for Google Buzz

My personal switch from iPhone to Android (much more visible than I ever had anticipated) was made easy due to the existence of high quality applications I already was familiar with from the iPhone platform, enabling me to simply migrate and not lose a step. Among the best applications, one I rely on daily, is Seesmic, which, in contrast to the native Twitter application for Android, comes with multiple account support, and the goal of supporting multiple networks.

Today, the great news comes that Seesmic is adding integration of another one of my most-frequent destinations on the Web - Google Buzz.

Signing In With Multiple Accounts, Including Google Buzz

The new Seesmic, available on the Android Market, adds Google Buzz support, inline preview of images and links for Buzz and photos for Twitter, and also adds OAuth support - the login standard for Twitter.

The Google Buzz Timeline In Seesmic for Android

The launch of Google Buzz's API resulted in multiple applications tapping into the growing network, and making Google's current social offering as easy to access as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other top communities. We saw the debut of Buzz support in TweetDeck and Seesmic Desktop, and Seesmic is the first major Twitter client to bring Buzz support to mobile Android platform - a perfect fit for geeks who are leveraging the Google platform as much as I am.

To aid the onboarding of its newest customers, it makes sense for Twitter to keep its core applications to be single-network centric, but for the rest of us who participate in multiple places, the option to do so in one app, like Seesmic, is welcome.

As for Google Buzz, you know you can find me here: http://www.google.com/profiles/louisgray.