April 01, 2010

Want to See Twitter @Anywhere In Action? Boil an Egg.

Introduced during Ev Williams' keynote at the SXSW interactive event last month, Twitter's @Anywhere platform promises to extend the ability to see following status and Twitter user information on third party Web sites. The idea, which will go live on many top-tier sites upon its release, is to bring Twitter activity well beyond Twitter.com. While the service hasn't gone live yet, you can test it yourself, if you can't wait, at an odd domain: http://eggboiling.com/.

The domain, which titles itself as an "@Anywhere test site", asks you to connect to Twitter and shows your following status for @Ev, @Biz and @Jack, Twitter's three cofounders. You can also view a hovercard for @wendyverse, Wendy Hepworth, no doubt part of the family of Isaac Hepworth (@isaach) who joined the company via Google.

Connecting Via Twitter @Anywhere

Showing Following Status with Ev, Biz and Jack, as Well as A Hovercard

It's not a fancy site, but it works. The raw code gives a hint at what is to come as Twitter extends @Anywhere and you see this information flow through the rest of the Web. Test it out yourself here: http://eggboiling.com/

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