April 15, 2010

Twazzup Opens Up Twitter Web Client, Launches Insights

Three months after being prematurely unveiled in early beta, Twazzup's Twitter feature-rich Web client, now called a "reader", has opened up to the public, at http://reader.twazzup.com/. The Reader goes beyond Twitter's standard interface, highlighting those you engage with most often, displaying rich media and showing live sentiment analysis and a tag cloud for every page you visit, including specific individuals or search terms. Despite its many different options, Reader loads quickly and brings more sense to your stream, helping to break out photos, video and links.

In addition, Twazzup is debuting a new product called "Insights". Based on data sourced from Twitter's firehose, Insights aims to offer real-time reports and alerts, edging into the crowded social media influence and measurement space. The reports show activity by day or by hour including the number of participants, unique links, original tweets and retweets.

Twazzup Results for "American Idol"

The third leg to their three-legged stool is there focus on "real-time news", born out of their original Twazzup service, which stepped beyond Twitter search, and launched just over a year ago today, on April 13, 2009. Their real-time news service displays search results alongside live pictures, influencers, hashtags and news items. (See "Ash Cloud" or "American Idol" for examples)

The tie-in between search, the stream and measurement makes the trifecta very interesting. Twazzup certainly seems to be unafraid to compete directly with Twitter on their turf, and they are making a compelling case through differentiation.

Twazzup can be found on Twitter at @twazzup and is headed by Cyril Moutran @mocy.

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